Age of Artifice: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology (Story: Glory)

Glory is a Steampunk tale set in the Napoleonic era. It's a story about rebellion and adversity, peppered with Steampunk-y goodness.

Winter of Wonder 2021: Superhuman (Story: Halka)

Halka is about a woman elevated against her will to the unenviable role of Goddess of Winter - a burden no other god can be bothered to shoulder. What will Halka do as the pressure builds up and no other god will lift a finger to help?

Drift - Wyldblood Flash Fiction

A free 400-word Flash Fiction published over at about a spaceship.

Bright Young Folk: Album Reviews

I review traditional British folk albums over on Bright Young Folk. Check them out above.

Bumford's Adventures:

A series of funny stories about a Dwarf named Bumford coaching an elf team in the world of Blood Bowl.